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    In the high-pressure realm of sales, mental wellbeing is not just a luxury – it’s an essential. Our exclusive masterclass is crafted to equip your sales team with the tools and strategies necessary to excel both professionally and personally.

    Introducing Our Expert Speakers:

    George Anderson: A leader in workplace wellbeing, George brings a wealth of expertise in coaching and mental health strategies. His approach is tailored to help sales teams perform at their best under pressure.

    Graham Benton of BMC Software: Graham combines his extensive corporate experience with deep insights into the sales industry, addressing the unique challenges faced by sales professionals. His collaboration with BMC Software highlights his commitment to integrating mental health strategies in the corporate world.

    Amanda Arthurs of DAF Trucks: Amanda’s expertise in organisational psychology and her experience with DAF Trucks provide a unique perspective on how to foster a resilient and mentally healthy sales environment.

    What You Will Gain:

    • Practical Strategies: Learn how to manage stress, build resilience, and enhance team performance.
    • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from leaders in mental health and sales.
    • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other sales professionals and share experiences.


    Join us for “Unmasking the Sales Industry’s Drinking Culture,” the fifth part of our Mental Health in Sales series, where we take a candid look at the under-discussed issue of alcohol in the sales sector. In this masterclass, we confront the social stigmas of sobriety, unraveling why choosing not to drink can attract skepticism in a field where a glass often accompanies handshakes.


    This masterclass playback is an enriching dialogue in the Mental Health in Sales series, hosted by the insightful Stella Round. It features two distinguished guests, Gina Burjah and Olly Magnus, who openly discuss the intersections of mental health and their professional lives, offering a raw and honest look at the challenges and triumphs they’ve faced.


    Join us for a profound and essential masterclass on “Suicide Awareness & Prevention,” hosted by the esteemed Performance Coach & Mentor, Stella Round. In a world where mental health is finally garnering the attention it deserves, there remains much to be done. This masterclass is a pivotal step towards understanding the depths of mental health challenges within high-pressure environments such as sales.


    Join us for a profound masterclass playback on “The Subject of Burnout,” hosted by The Growth Hub, where we continue our dedicated conversation on mental health. This session is led by the insightful Stella Round, alongside the experiences of Chris Birtle, Jay Bailey-Stephenson, and Victoria Hanson. Together, they explore the pressing issue of burnout—a silent scourge impacting workplaces worldwide.


    Join us for a transformative masterclass at The Growth Hub: ‘MHiS – Starting the Conversation.’ As we delve into the critical realm of mental health in the workplace, particularly within high-pressure sales environments, awareness is just the beginning. Our expert panel, including Stella Round, George Anderson, Chris Hatfield, and Jason Wyatt, will share their personal experiences and insights into the necessity of checking in on our colleagues’ well-being.



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