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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Andrew Pain – Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their skills, accomplishments, and abilities, and feels like a fraud despite evidence of their success. Andrew shares his own struggles with imposter syndrome in his professional life, and how it impacted his confidence and decision-making.

Andrew offers several tips for coping with imposter syndrome, including acknowledging and accepting feelings of self-doubt, reframing negative self-talk, seeking support and feedback from trusted peers or mentors, and focusing on personal growth and development.

He also emphasizes the importance of being authentic and honest about one’s experiences and limitations, rather than trying to appear perfect or infallible. Pain suggests that embracing vulnerability and imperfection can actually enhance one’s credibility and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients.

Key Takeaways from Andrew Pain:

  • Imposter Syndrome: What it is and the two types of Imposter Syndrome to look out for.
  • The most common causes of Imposter Syndrome.
  • Three easy-to-use strategies to tackle Imposter Syndrome when the pressure is on, and you’re feeling inadequate.

About Andrew:

Andrew is a TEDx and mental health speaker leading on burnout and men’s mental health and on a mission to create decisive and resilient communities of people. 

Working recently with organisations like; Amazon, Specsavers, Public Health Wales, University of Liverpool, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Andrew talks about; burnout, mental health, critical decision-making, breaking stigmas, psychological safety, imposter syndrome, fatherhood, and work/life balance. 

Andrew is also a dad to 3 boys under 10, which means he’s a triage nurse, war reporter, peace negotiator, tutor, cook, cleaner, taxi driver, football coach, personal encyclopedia and unappreciated fashion consultant. It also means his daily Fitbit step count is never less than 15k.

Andrew Pain – Men’s Mental Health and Burnout Speaker