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Andrew Pain – Negative Feedback

Navigating the turbulent waters of negative feedback is a challenge that everyone faces at some point in their lives.

Andrew dives deep into understanding the emotional journey most individuals undergo when they encounter such feedback. Initially, there’s the gut punch of the initial shock. This is when emotions run high, ranging from surprise to defensiveness.

As the dust settles, the phase of reflection takes precedence. Individuals grapple with the feedback, turning it over in their minds, weighing its truth, and sometimes battling the urge to outright reject it.

Key Takeaways from Andrew Pain:

  • The four phases most people experience when they receive negative feedback.
  • A powerful visualisation tool to help you process negative feedback as painlessly and quickly as possible.
  • The two questions to ask yourself in order to strip out the helpful stuff from the unhelpful stuff.

About Andrew:

Andrew is a TEDx and mental health speaker leading on burnout and men’s mental health and on a mission to create decisive and resilient communities of people. 

Working recently with organisations like; Amazon, Specsavers, Public Health Wales, University of Liverpool, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Andrew talks about; burnout, mental health, critical decision-making, breaking stigmas, psychological safety, imposter syndrome, fatherhood, and work/life balance. 

Andrew is also a dad to 3 boys under 10, which means he’s a triage nurse, war reporter, peace negotiator, tutor, cook, cleaner, taxi driver, football coach, personal encyclopedia and unappreciated fashion consultant. It also means his daily Fitbit step count is never less than 15k.

Andrew Pain – Men’s Mental Health and Burnout Speaker


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