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Jamie will share the 12 principles in 3 areas that create a winning team and culture.

Discover how your employees can perform to their best as individuals, as leaders, and as the collective.

No talent required, no sporting knowledge needed – it is all about making daily good decisions following these 12 principles.

This approach fosters a strong, cohesive team dynamic and nurtures a positive, productive workplace environment.

In the world of B2B sales, the disease affecting revenue teams everywhere is their addiction to feature dumping. Unknowingly, it’s secretly costing them credibility, trust and their ability to unsell the status quo.

To reduce buyer uncertainty, collapse time in your sales cycle and increase deal size, your team must learn how to embed, craft and deliver a 90-second customer story that inspires change.

When harnessed correctly inside of the buyer’s journey, this will help your sellers de-risk a purchasing decision.

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Joining the ‘Mental Health in Sales’ conversation…

⭐ Simon Morris, Area Vice President, ServiceNow

⭐ Jim Rudall, Head of EMEA, Intuit Mailchimp

⭐ George Anderson, Wellbeing | Performance | Mindset Coach

⭐ Stella Round, Mental Health in Sales Ambassador & Coach

Awareness around mental health has definitely improved, but steps still need to be taken to stem the devastating effect of those who suffer.

Extensive practical experience of working with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies has revealed that when 3 keys are in place, key account management success will be

This webinar will give you an opportunity to understand and explore these 3 keys

…and the 3 key
account management success capabilities that underpin them so that you can see how you and your
organisation measure up.

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