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Jamie Peacock MBE – 12 Principles of Success

In this masterclass replay, Jamie Peacock MBE, a legendary rugby league player turned motivational speaker and wellness instructor, delves into the psychological and strategic facets of achieving excellence, both individually and as part of a team.

Drawing from his illustrious career and subsequent work with corporations and sports teams, Peacock outlines a comprehensive framework for personal development, leadership, and team dynamics.

He emphasises the critical importance of mental toughness, self-discipline, positive influences, and the power of commitment.

Through personal anecdotes, including overcoming self-doubt and fostering resilience, Jamie illustrates how these principles can be applied beyond the rugby field to enhance performance in any professional setting.

His message is clear: success is a product of continuous self-improvement, effective leadership, and a cohesive team effort, underscored by a commitment to one’s goals and values.

Key Takeaways from Jamie Peacock MBE:

  • How to develop a greater depth of resilience as a group.
  • Understanding the power of positive influences on individual and group success.
  • The importance as a leader to build deeper relationships with your team and how to accomplish this.

About Jamie:

Jamie’s personal recipe for success saw him become the most decorated Rugby League player in UK history.

The dedication and discipline honed over the course of his rugby career has been instrumental in developing his recipe for personal success. Jamie Peacock played over 550 times over 19 seasons including 49 caps for his country which he captained for 8 years.

At the end of his career in 2015 he had become the most decorated player of the modern Super League era winning a total of 9 Grand Finals, 4 Challenge Cup Finals, 4 World Club Challenges; as well as being selected in the Super League Dream Team 11 times, the World 13 twice and Worlds’ Best Forward twice. In 2011, he was awarded an MBE in recognition for his services to the game.

Since retiring from the pitch, he has shared his secret through his work as a keynote speaker, wellness instructor and the development of his own tailored mentoring programme.

Engaging, approachable and with a good dose of Yorkshire practicality, Jamie teaches people how to unlock their full potential with a range of accessible lifestyle changes. Discipline and determination is something we can all cultivate, and Jamie’s unique leadership coaching program will help you discover your own, spring-boarding you towards your goal.

Jamie Peacock MBE  – Ex England + Great Britain Rugby League Captain.


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