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Tracey Hill – Introduction

Welcome to the “Pause to Perform” series, a collection of short videos designed to enhance your work performance and manage high-pressure situations.

Hosted by Tracey Hill, a leading performance therapist and coach, this series highlights the significance of intentional pauses in achieving peak performance.

In this introductory video, Tracey Hill shares her insights from over 20 years of experience in high-stakes environments.

She emphasises that taking deliberate pauses is not merely a reward for hard work but a fundamental prerequisite for sustained success.

By incorporating these pauses, professionals can maintain their health, relationships, and sanity while reaching their goals.

Key Takeaways from Tracey:

  • Essential Role of Pausing: Understand that pausing is a crucial element for high performance, not just a reward.
  • Sustaining Well-being: Learn how intentional pauses can help maintain your mental and physical health, as well as improve relationships.
  • Practical Techniques: Discover simple yet effective techniques to integrate pauses into your daily routine for enhanced personal and professional performance.

About Tracey Hill:

Tracey Hill is a leading expert in corporate performance therapy and coaching, specialising in hypnotherapy, behavioural change, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

With over 20 years of experience working in high-stakes environments, she combines sharp psychological insight with practical applications to help high-achievers reach their peak potential.

Tracey’s unique approach emphasises mastering the mind and understanding the data and intelligence in our emotions can revolutionise performance.

Her mission is to empower professionals with the tools to make informed decisions and thrive in competitive environments. Whether guiding executives through crises or enhancing their edge, Tracey’s powerful, compassionate methods drive success.

Tracey Hill – Performance Therapist & Coach | Speaker | Pause Pioneer


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