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Rob Clinton – Trust me, I’m a Salesman

Rob Clinton is a seasoned salesman with a wealth of experience in the field of sales.

He is passionate about building trust with his clients and helping them achieve their goals.

In this sales toolkit video, Rob shares his insights and tips on how to build trust with customers and increase sales. He emphasizes the importance of communication, authenticity, and understanding the customer’s needs.

With Rob’s expertise and guidance, sales professionals can gain valuable insights into how to establish credibility and build lasting relationships with their clients.

Key Takeaways from Rob Clinton:

  • The benefits of building a sales coaching system within your own company.
  • Best practice for staff engagement.
  • How to build strong relationships with your customers.

About Rob:

Rob Clinton, Former Sales Performance Coach at Ideagen, who created and previously runs Ideagen’s internal Sales Excellence Academy (iSEA). Ideagen joined the APS to ensure ethical sales techniques were embedded into its culture. This forms a part of Ideagen’s campaign to develop a best-in-class Salesforce and deliver strong, sustainable relationships with clients.

Rob Clinton – Vice President at Emplifi (North Europe)


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