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Enablement Extracted – Amplify not Replace

In the second episode of Enablement Extracted, James discusses the recent success of their platform, Replicate, which has seen a surge in usage for role plays aimed at improving sales skills. He highlights the limitations of traditional role plays and explains how Replicate uses AI to create lifelike simulations based on LinkedIn profiles and competitor websites.

Ben shares his perspective on AI, drawing parallels with the evolution of chess-playing computers and the enduring appeal of human vs. human matches. He emphasizes that AI should enhance rather than replace human roles, foreseeing its potential to amplify human intelligence.

The conversation delves into the future of AI in enablement, focusing on streamlining workflows, individualized learning, and improving the quality of work. James stresses the importance of integrating AI seamlessly into existing processes and measures to ensure its effectiveness.

Both James and Ben underscore the need for simplifying tool stacks, measuring quality of work, and fostering collaboration between sales, marketing, and operations teams. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in enabling more effective sales strategies.

Key Areas of Discussions:

  • Role of AI in Sales Enablement.
  • Tool Consolidation and Workflow Integration.
  • Personalised Learning.
  • AI as an Amplifier, Not a Replacement.

About Ben Purton:

Ben Purton is the Senior Director of International Enablement at RingCentral, Ben has led a best-in-class team that supports the growth and success of our global sales force.

With over 10 years of experience in sales enablement, training, and consulting, he has a proven track record of delivering impactful and measurable results for his clients and partners.

About James Pursey:

James recently returned to startup life following almost 9 years at Similarweb. He left a great job in a great company because he believed that we are at a pivotal point in how GTM reps are measured, coached and managed.

James is passionate about driving meaningful change that produces a leap in performance beyond incremental gains from headcount growth.

He loves to solve incredibly complex business problems by simplifying them down and creating alignment between everybody involved, bringing people together and getting them excited about change instead of fearful of it.

Ben Purton – Senior Director of International Enablement at RingCentral
James Pursey – Ex-Enablement VP now Founder at Replicate


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