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Toby Carrington – Revenue Operations in Real Life

The goal of Revenue Operations is to support the unification of all the Go-To-Market teams around a single process aligned with the customer’s buying journey.  

A common mistake of sales / marketing / revenue ops teams is that they fixate on the data and technology tools before building consensus around a process that leaders up and down the organisation buying to.  

In this interview, we talk to Toby Carrington – SVP of Revenue Operations at Seismic – A Sales Enablement Platform helping go-to-market teams deliver personalized buying experiences at scale. 

Toby’s belief is that before you can work on the data or tech tools, you need to define a process that all Go To Market teams buy into and are committed to executing month in, and month out.  

Key Areas of Discussions with Toby Carrington, SVP of Revenue Operations at Seismic:

  • How to align the go-to-market team’s sales process with the customer buying journey.
  • How to use Salesforce as a way to change sales behaviours.
  • How he has adapted the reporting and insights provided to leaders to align with their individual needs.
  • How do you support leaders and manage the performance of the teams? 
  • What is the feedback loop between Rev Ops and the sales teams?

About Toby:

Whilst Toby describes himself as a recovering CFO. The reality however is that he has spent the last 6 years applying his love of data, process and commercial insights to supporting the sales performance of Siemens and Seismic.   

He is experienced at leading companies through organizational transformation efforts.

A sought after speaker in the areas of revenue operations, sales enablement and training, sales operations and the future of sales and sales leadership.

Angel investor with advisory roles in multiple successful start-ups across SaaS, fintech, food, and beverage and medtech companies.

Toby Carrington – SVP Revenue Operations at Seismic


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