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6 Ways to Master Your Sales Goals

Here are 6 easy ways to master your Sales Goals and hit the ground running.

1. Drive extra value

All salespeople show know the importance of building value, and a lot of talk about it. But few do it well. Too many sales meetings end with very little value being provided, if any. No value means no next meeting and no progression of the deal.

To drive extra value and set yourself apart from the competition, you need to ingrain it into everything you do. Top performers focus on driving maximum value as a priority compared to the lagging rest. Think about how you can educate the prospect with new ideas and perspectives, and you’ll differentiate yourself and build credibility and trust.

2. Land and expand accounts

Your current customers are usually one of the most untapped opportunities for growth. Untapped, and easiest. Think about the bigger companies where there are expansion opportunities within, and focus on engaging with stakeholders in other areas of the business who aren’t a customer. Additionally, if the customer loves your service or product, ask them for an internal referral. Effective land and expand is a serious growth driver.

3. Become a master at selling virtually

Remote selling is here to stay, mixed in with the return of face-to-face meetings. That means you need to master the new ways of selling, such as building relationships and rapport online and impressing in online meetings.

The challenges with virtual selling include keeping a prospect’s attention, developing strong relationships, collaborating with external parties, and so on. Embrace it and thrive off it. Work on your virtual delivery and make sure your presentations are engaging to keep attention.

4. Maximise sales productivity

Too many salespeople don’t manage their time well. However, to become the master of your sales goals, you need to be using every hour of the day effectively. Audit your time – where are you spending it? If too much time is being spent on non-selling activity, switch it up. Additionally, at the end of each day, make sure you are prepared for the next day. Too many people spend the first couple of hours of the day building calling lists and preparing, and not actually selling to anyone.

5. Improve sales coaching

To get the most out of the whole sales team, make sure top performers are inspiring the rest of the team. If not, ask them to. Embrace training initiatives, learn from the best, and channel your energies into money-making activities that you know have a history of working. I.e. if someone else has had a lot of success doing X, you should do it too.

To become the best you can be, sales coaching is a really important part of the process. Listen and learn new tips and tricks, and apply learned techniques quickly.

6. Target warm leads

Filling your pipeline is always a tall task, but there are usually a bunch of uncontracted warm leads waiting for engagement. Proactively target leads to improve conversion rates and build up your pipeline quickly – whether that is active lead follow up or re-targeting of someone who, for example, downloaded a piece of content a while back.

Top performers are clever in whom they target to maximise their time and increase the chances of a successful call outcome. If you have marketing support, combine forces to come up with new ideas to generate interest and make follow up easier.

Remember, top performers do all of the above, so don’t miss out and get started now! You don’t need to master all of them, but pick a couple to start with and then add more as you become comfortable with the first couple.


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