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Enablement Extracted – Enablement’s Best Friend

Ben Purton and Ellie Salicetti engage in a detailed discussion about the role of AI in sales enablement. They explore various strategies and methodologies for leveraging AI to enhance sales training, content creation, objection handling, and coaching. Ellie shares her experiences with using AI to streamline processes and improve efficiency in enablement tasks.

The conversation delves into the importance of maintaining confidentiality while using AI and the need to personalise and humanise AI-generated content to avoid sounding robotic or scripted. They also discuss the evolving landscape of enablement and the potential impact of AI on future enablement practices.

Ben and Ellie emphasise the significance of collaboration between enablement, sales, marketing, and operations teams. They highlight the value of building strong partnerships to drive alignment and achieve common objectives within the organisation.

Additionally, they mention upcoming speaking engagements and conferences where Ellie will be sharing her expertise on AI in enablement. Ben encourages listeners to connect with Ellie on LinkedIn for further insights and advice on leveraging AI for sales enablement purposes.

Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into the practical applications of AI in sales enablement and underscores the importance of adopting innovative technologies to stay competitive in the evolving business landscape.

Key Areas of Discussions:

  • Enhancement of Sales Enablement through AI: AI offers significant benefits for sales enablement by automating and improving various aspects such as sales training, content creation, objection handling, and coaching.
  • Balancing Technology and Human Touch: The conversation highlights the critical balance between leveraging AI and maintaining a personal, human touch in sales interactions.
  • Collaboration Across Teams: A key theme of the discussion is the significance of cross-functional collaboration between enablement, sales, marketing, and operations teams.

About Ben Purton:

Ben Purton is the Senior Director of International Enablement at RingCentral, Ben has led a best-in-class team that supports the growth and success of our global sales force.

With over 10 years of experience in sales enablement, training, and consulting, he has a proven track record of delivering impactful and measurable results for his clients and partners.

About Ellie Salicetti:

With over a decade of experience within the B2B SaaS hyper-growth realm, Ellie is a forward-thinking and results-driven leader.

Her passion lies in designing and facilitating training programs that effectively address emerging business challenges while implementing progressive learning strategies that empower employees and drive revenue.

As the head of the commercial enablement function at a hyper-growth AI construction tech company, she is passionate about helping FYLD enable leaders across society’s infrastructure to streamline operations, build sustainably, and be maintained by field workers who feel valued.

Ben Purton – Senior Director of International Enablement at RingCentral
Ellie Salicetti – Commercial Enablement at FYLD


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