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Winnie Palmer – How Sellers Thrive With A Marketing Mindset

The days when marketing-generated leads and sales converted them are in the past. In today’s world, marketing is involved with every stage of the sales process, and sellers are responsible for nurturing relationships even when a potential customer is not ready to buy.

In this interview, Winnie Palmer – EMEA, Head of Marketing at Seismic, shares the strategies she uses to support & motivate sellers to keep “Seismic” top of mind with potential customers. We also discuss the role enablement tools play in enabling sellers, to know what to say to customers and what to show customers at different stages of the sales process.

Key Areas of Discussions with Winnie Palmer, EMEA Head of Marketing at Seismic:

  • Why is a marketing mindset important for sellers?
  • How sellers adopt a marketing mindset.
  • Why storytelling is an essential skill for sellers?
  • What content the marketing team needs to create to support sellers?
  • Anatomy of a great customer story.
  • How technology can support marketing & enablement teams to enable sellers at scale.

About Winnie:

Winnie Palmer is the EMEA Head of Marketing of Seismic, a leading global B2B SaaS firm enabling sales and marketing teams to execute consistent stories that help maximise go-to-market (GTM) effectiveness.?

Known for achieving exceptional business results, Winnie has led and transformed GTM functions across a number of the industry’s most prominent technology brands. She has held global and regional leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Microsoft and Nokia, driving digital transformation and scaling business growth.

Winnie Palmer – EMEA, Head of Marketing at Seismic


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