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Bryn Thompson & Steve Lowndes – Transform Your Sales Strategy

Discover what makes top sales performers stand out.

Learn why sales is as prestigious as professions like law or medicine and how mastering your craft, maintaining the right mindset, and developing a winning attitude can drive your success.

Curious about transitioning from an information provider to a trusted advisor?

Uncover the techniques for asking the right questions, handling tough conversations, and tailoring your pitch to create compelling business cases. Enhance your sales approach and achieve greater success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transform Your Approach: Learn to shift from being an information provider to a strategic advisor, helping clients make informed decisions.
  • Ask the Right Questions: Discover the power of asking tough, insightful questions to better understand client needs and tailor your solutions effectively.
  • Mindset Matters: Understand the critical role of attitude, mindset, and belief systems in driving sales success.
  • Engage and Adapt: Develop skills to continuously seek feedback and adapt your presentations to create impactful, client-specific solutions.

About Bryn Thompson:

Bryn Thompson is a highly experienced sales director, sales trainer and recruiter with over 40 years of experience in Sales and Sales Leadership.

He has won a BESMA (a National Award) for Sales Leader of the Year and created and ran the commercial training division of Pareto for over a decade (co went from £8m-30m).

Bryn is now a Sales and Leadership Consultant working mainly with private equity invested businesses and wants to help educate others on the keys to success in sales and has Recruited, assessed, trained and developed well over 10,000 sales people worldwide.

In addition to this, Bryn has even co-authored “Transformational Selling” alongside his business partner Steve Lowndes!

About Steve Lowndes:

Steve Lowndes has spent over 25 years as a seller and sales trainer with clients in almost every b2b vertical sector across the UK, Europe and North America.

He has consulted and advised senior leaders within both large corporate and SMEs, enabling them to deliver exceptional sales results.

Steve is also a previous finalist for the BESMA Sales Trainer of the Year Award.

Bryn Thompson – Director at New World Selling
Steve Lowndes – Head of Sales Training at This Is Prime



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