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Sebastian Deans & Olivia Riches – Use Video To Boost Sales Pipeline

As more companies are lured by the reported benefits of using video in their sales process, video usage is becoming mainstream in many sales teams. 

Depending upon which research you believe response rates to cold outreach messages can be as high as 60%, click-through rates on emails with video can be 300% higher than emails with non-video. 

But, as a fringe activity performed by a few sales reps becomes an official part of the sales process, companies need to be more organised in how they encourage adoption, support quality activity and coach for continual improvement. 

But as with any new sales tool, sales leaders have lots of questions about to integrate a new approach into their existing process. 

In this interview, we talk to Sebastian (Bazz) Deans – the VP of Revenue and Olivia Riches – the EMEA Marketing Manager at Shootsta. Shootsta has been helping companies use video in their marketing and sales activities for over 6 years.

Key Areas of Discussions with Olivia Riches & Sebastian Deans from Shootsta:

  • Why is video usage by sales teams entering the mainstream.
  • How are companies using video for cold outreach and early sales process engagement? 
  • What strategies are companies using to support sales teams to produce “high-quality” video messages?
  • How marketing teams can produce content to support adoption and high-quality outreach.
  • How are companies using video to support the mid and late stages of the sales process? 
  • How Sales Directors or VP Sales can “sell” marketing on supporting increased usage of video by sales teams.
  • How Marketing Managers can “sell” to sales leaders their potential to help the sales teams increase the effectiveness of video outreach activities.

About Olivia Riches:

Olivia is an EMEA Marketing Manager who has spent over 5 years supporting SaaS businesses to grow their brands. At Shootsta she leads demand generation and supports the development of partnerships and customer engagement strategies.

About Sebastian (Bazz) Deans:

Sebastian is the VP of Revenue at Shootsta and spends his time helping the revenue team hit its targets by leading from the front when using video in the sales process. He loves data and working out how to process people’s changes can transform sales results.


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