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Steve Barnhurst – Non-financial ways to motivate and retain sales professionals

A motivation to earn good money is often seen as a prerequisite for a career in sales.  

But, if a leader hires someone who is too money motivated, and you may well have acquired a toxic member of the team that will leave a trail of broken client relationships and disaffected colleagues. 

The challenge every organisation faces is to hire people that are money motivated enough to do the heavy lifting of building a pipeline, but not at the expense of customer satisfaction and playing a part in a successful team. 

If the news is to be believed, the end of 2021 is being seen as the period of “The Great Resignation”.  A booming job market, alongside individuals who have worked at home for 18 months and had time to reflect on the impact work has on their personal life, are both driving people’s interest in moving jobs. 

This means leaders are having to work to retain staff on one hand and attract new employees on the other. 

There are some organisations that are funded in a way that allows them to set new highs for salaries being offered. 

However, most organisations are having to be more creative with how they retain and hire staff using non-financial incentives and rewards. 

In this interview, we speak to Steve Barnhurst, a senior sales leader at the Access Group. With over 20 years in sales leadership, Steve has had to work hard to retain great staff and build teams organically during his career.

Key Areas of Discussions with Steve Barnhurst, Enterprise Sales Director at Ebsta:

  • Is it possible to motivate people to work harder?
  • How does a leader approach understanding someone’s personal motivators?
  • When does money motivation (high or low) become detrimental to someone’s performance?
  • How training someone to understand their metrics and connection with money goals can transform performance?
  • Non-financial rewards can increase engagement and motivation levels.

About Steve:

Steve Barnhurst has over 20 years as a sales leader. He started his career in the Recruitment sector and has spent the last 10 years as a senior leader at Access Group and Broadbean Technologies. Steve’s passion is developing positive and proactive sales cultures, by developing and promoting talent organically.

Steve Barnhurst – Enterprise Sales Director at Ebsta


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