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Stephen Whitton – What makes people perform well?

This Sales Toolkit is your gateway to a world of valuable insights from Stephen Whitton, a prominent figure in the Automotive Sector and the visionary behind [M]enable, a global movement dedicated to mental health support and the cultivation of “Mental Wealth.”

With over three decades of industry experience, Stephen shares his wisdom on achieving success and well-being. Gain essential knowledge on nurturing Mental Wealth, creating a workplace where individuals feel genuinely valued, and rediscovering the power of purpose in both personal fulfilment and business success.

Key Takeaways from Stephen Whitton:

  • How to identify the 5 Critical Success Factors that build Mental Wealth and improve performance.
  • How to make people feel valued and increase their mental wealth.
  • How reconnecting with Purpose is key to building mental wealth and business success.

About Stephen:

Stephen is the Founder of [M]enable – the global movement for mental health support and the growth of “Mental wealth” in the Automotive Sector.

After a successful career of over 35 years in the industry, covering numerous roles from Salesman to Executive Director, he is a renowned authority on employee well-being to achieve results.

A passionate speaker whose pragmatic and insightful approach has inspired 1000s of people in audiences across the world.

[M]enable was created on the back of Stephen’s own struggles, with a clear purpose and mission – to change cultures in male dominated and performance driven businesses, enabling the Mental Health stigma to be removed and replaced with a drive to create Mental Wealth.

Stephen Whitton – Founder & CVO at [M]enable.


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