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Fuel Growth for B2B Sales

We live in a dynamic world, and as you guessed, the business landscape is also equally dynamic, especially in the B2B sector. Recently, we have witnessed many changes in B2B sales. Everything is new, from buyer preferences to new methodologies, software (yes, we are talking about CRM tools), and selling remotely and almost entirely digitally. Since we are dealing with so much change in the B2B sales environment, we discussed with Brian Burns, podcast host and CEO of B2B Revenue, to discover what it takes to thrive in today’s dynamic B2B sales landscape and fuel growth for B2B sales. Curious about his take on this topic? Below are the top five pieces of advice Brian has for when it comes to thriving in a competitive field like B2B sales.

1. Become Client-Centric, Not CRM-Centric

To keep up with this new B2B sales landscape, Burns says that B2B sales reps must start thinking from their customer’s perspectives and start to account for the customer experience across the B2B buying process. After all, B2B buyers come with specific problems they hope you can fix. B2B sales reps must think beyond that. They must find the management’s primary motivators to close a B2B transaction. B2B buyer behaviour has changed tremendously over the past few years, so becoming customer-centric will help B2B sales reps find that motivator.

2. Be a Guide Through the Unnatural Act of Buying

  1. Buying in the B2B context doesn’t come as a natural act. Instead of focusing solely on selling a B2B product or service, B2B salespeople should change their mindset and become the prospects’ guiding hand in this B2B buying process. By changing this mindset, you also ensure that you help B2B buyers justify the purchase based on their B2B needs as well as their cultural and organizational mindset.

Great B2B sales reps will also be able to help upper management understand the greater benefits of said B2B purchase with quantifiable goals and objectives. They optimize the discovery process by pretending their B2B prospect doesn’t know what they want. Let them discover what they truly want with you during your conversation. They need to come to the realization that they need to change and take action on their own.

3. Build Empathy-Based Interactions

Curiosity sparks empathy, and being empathetic will help you become a better B2B sales rep. Doing so will make B2B prospects want to talk to you about their B2B business’s needs and expectations, and will help you better deliver your ideas and your B2B products or services’ best-selling points in a fashion that appeals to them. Instead of approaching the B2B selling process with solid statements, Brain advises B2B sales reps to start asking questions. This will drive a better understanding of their B2B customers and B2B business needs.

4. Make Your CRM Work for You and Your Customers

As a B2B sales rep, you must first map a clear and detailed customer journey. This is where your CRM will come to your help in the B2B context. A good CRM will help both you and your B2B customers. It will give you real-time information you can use at the right time in their B2B journey. Although it’s difficult to remember every interaction with each B2B account in your portfolio, a CRM will help you with specific and insightful data that will enable you to become a more compassionate seller and guide for your B2B prospects and customers.

5. Never Stop Learning in B2B Sales

Brian thinks that although many B2B sales reps are natural-born sellers and base their actions purely on instinct, this is precisely where they should improve in the B2B selling process. Instead of relying solely on instinct, he advises them to use logic and reason in the B2B selling process.

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