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The Top Sales Quotes to Inspire in 2024

The start of the year is a great time to reflect on the previous year and do things better this year. To start at pace and ensure motivation, here’s some of the best sales advice from around the world on how to thrive in this uncertain climate, innovate in sales, and ensure sales stay high.

Sales Quotes to Help You Thrive in 2024

Steeve Vakeeswaran, Business Operations Manager at Zapier, on motivating your team by creating positivity.

“Reflect on the wins (and losses) from the year with your team. By celebrating milestones and learning from mistakes, as a leader, you can start the new year in a positive and productive way towards company goals and targets.”

Lindsay Bennett, Regional Vice President of Enterprise Sales as Seismic Software, on getting back to basics.

“Get back to basics, your sales 101, making sure you’re assuming nothing, that you are asking very detailed questions of your prospects about what the process looks like on their end.”

Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist at Mediafly, on simplifying the sales process and presenting a clear message to prospects.

“Through the crisis, we’ve seen how stressed our buyers are […] it actually causes risk of a purchase, the perceived complexity of a purchase, and the risk of change dramatically amplifies that, and we have to be very conscious that we can’t add to that stress any more […] you need to be cognizant that because of that stress, if you’re adding complexity and perceived risk and perceived cost to the purchase, that all is going to be amplified.”

Mary Shea, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on the importance of digital skills this year.

“Historically, you would look for a salesperson who is a great communicator, a great problem solver, someone who can overcome objections and kick open that door and close that deal. I’m not saying those things aren’t important anymore, but they’re really lower on the scale. What organizations need to hire and train for are people who are digitally adept and creative.”

Neil Patel, Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer at Neilpatel.com, on innovating in the new year and pushing ideas forward.

“Release a new product. The New Year is the perfect time to do this. From a psychological standpoint, customers are in the ‘new’ mindset. New Year, new you, new resolutions, new everything. So why not a new product? Mentally, the building blocks are in place. Consumers want new. Consumers are ready to convert on new. Use the new-saturated mentality to sell a new product.”

Bob Hooey, Speaker, Trainer and Author, on the importance of taking care of your existing customers or risk losing them.

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”

Barnabe Lourdel, Head of Sales at Livestorm, on embracing new digital tools to adapt to the new way of working.

“2021 is the perfect time to take advantage of online tools. Video communication is more relevant than ever, and is the best way to educate and nurture leads. Find out what parts of your funnel can be automated, like recurring sales demo webinars, and be strategic about when to invest in your team over technology.”

Maria Black, President, WW Sales and Marketing at ADP, on empowering your sales team.

“You can’t just give [your team] the best-in-class tools and the technology. You really have to train on how to leverage it, how to make it meaningful [… ] We make sure that we’re continuing to train and continuing to feed the machine, both the actual machine as well as the seller machine, with real actionable insights.”

It’s easy to feel the slump in January, especially during these difficult times, but use these quotes to think about how to challenge the status quo, accelerate change and do things better.


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