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A Day in the Life of an AI-Guided Seller from Seismic

AI is transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of sellers across all
industries every day, meaning it will forever change how businesses go to
market. It is therefore important that businesses learn and understand how
they can leverage AI and what this transformation will look like, especially for
sales professionals.

In a nutshell, AI will automate what are currently manual sales activities,
allowing sellers to better prepare for customer interactions, personalise the
experiences they offer, and follow up in more meaningful ways, leading to
accelerated deals and most essentially, more wins.

Seismic have launched an e-book entitled ‘A Day in the Life of an AI-Guided
Seller’ which does exactly what it suggests and offers readers the opportunity
to learn how to best use AI to help be more efficient salespeople. This e-guide,
along with other resources from Seismic, can be downloaded here


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