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Monday, December 11, 2023

George Donovan – Build an SMB sales team with rookies

Over the years, I have seen companies take many approaches when broadening their go-to-market strategy from an SMB focus to Enterprise or vice versa. 

The most common mistake companies make is to assume that they can copy and paste their existing sales process, hiring profile, development plans or success metrics. 

Of the two go-to-market strategies, it is the SMB-focused team that organisations struggle with the most.  

How do you build a process that can find and convert high volumes of opportunities, when working with less experienced sales professionals who often sell virtually?

Key Areas of Discussions with George Donovan, Chief revenue officer at Allego:

  • Why he built his SMB team from the ground up vs copying from his enterprise team? 
  • How he built a team structure that incentivized teamwork over individualism and increased average earnings by 40%
  • How is the team structure aligned with the career pathway he used to attract high-quality talent? 
  • How he used a matrix reporting structure to take away the heavy lifting of new SDR development and reduced staff turnover.

About George:

George Donovan has been a sales leader in technology for over 20 years.  He has two missions in life, one to grow revenues and the other to attract and develop new talent in the sales profession. He is currently CRO at Allego a sales learning and enablement platform that helps boost sales performance. 

George Donovan – Chief revenue officer at Allego


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