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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sarah Furness – Performance Under Pressure


What you will learn in this video:

  • The key to high performance is UNI-tasking
  • The “busy” narrative has created a learned behaviour of multi-tasking – but we can re-learn how to uni-task
  • The key to success is creating the conditions for uni-tasking and overcoming the barriers to uni-tasking.

Synopsis & Bio:

Sarah spent 20 years as an RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron Leader leading on operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During her experiences at home and war, she learned that tough capable people don’t always feel as strong as they look.

This prompted her to create Well Be It – specifically for leaders in mentally demanding environments so they can create resilient high-performing teams. She drew on her experiences as a combat helicopter pilot and mindfulness coach to create the Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) approach – a way to train the mind to be bombproof under pressure without compromising on tenacity or performance.

In this video you will learn the ONE thing that kills performance and productivity whilst increasing burnout… and the ONE thing that you need to do to change that. In sum, you will learn that the key to high performance is to do ONE thing at a time.  

Contains some good-natured banter. 

Sarah Furness – speaker, Executive Coach, Former Combat Helicopter Pilot.


  1. Loved that video and glad I unitasked while watching it.
    I used to focus on unitasking but my job changed and it brought a whole set of new challenges which all required my input and therefore distracted me from being as efficient as I used to be.
    Unitasking and the need to do it is something I will now put into practice and not react to any distractions in order to improve my efficiency.
    Thank you


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