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Richard Newman – LIFT YOUR IMPACT

Richard Newman, the renowned founder of Body Talk, presents a comprehensive sales toolkit designed to help individuals reduce stress, enhance business results, increase productivity, and improve overall well-being. Based on the core principles of his book, “Lift Your Impact,” Richard shares three crucial elements to achieve these goals: mindset, influence, and future.

The first component of the sales toolkit focuses on lifting your mindset. Richard emphasizes the importance of becoming a rock in the storm, enabling individuals to be their best selves regardless of external circumstances. By identifying and embracing personal values, individuals gain a solid foundation that guides their decisions and behaviours. This practice not only reduces stress, but also provides a sense of internal validation, leading to more positive responses from others.

The second aspect of the toolkit explores lifting your influence. Richard highlights the significance of effective communication and connection with others. Drawing from the principles of his book, he emphasizes the power of storytelling as a means to enhance influence. By shifting from the role of a hero to that of a mentor, individuals can tailor their communication to address the challenges and goals of their team members or clients. This approach fosters deeper connections and amplifies the impact of their message.

The final element of the sales toolkit delves into lifting your future. Richard introduces the CAR method: commitment, action, and ritual. By setting committed goals within a realistic timeframe, individuals can avoid feeling overwhelmed or losing motivation. Daily actions aligned with these goals contribute to an identity shift, reinforcing the belief in one’s ability to achieve success. Additionally, Richard emphasizes the importance of rituals that reignite personal purpose, ensuring continued motivation and a strong sense of direction.

Richard Newman’s sales toolkit draws inspiration from his book, “Lift Your Impact,” and offers practical strategies for individuals seeking to enhance their mindset, influence, and future. By implementing the toolkit’s principles, individuals can reduce stress, improve communication, increase productivity, and ultimately achieve greater fulfilment in both their professional and personal lives.

Key Takeaways from Richard Newman:

  • Thrive in every situation, so that you perform at your best in the moments that matter.
  • Increase your influence, by creating a powerful dynamic in every relationship.
  • Achieve your goals long term, with strategies that creating lasting success.

About Richard:

Richard is the Founder of Body Talk. In the past 23 years his team have trained over 120,000 business leaders around the world, to improve their communication and impact. One client gained over $1 Billion in new business in just one year, using Richard’s techniques, winning 100% of their new business pitches. 

Aged 18, Richard started his mission to discover the core principles of communication. He went to live in the foothills of the Himalayas with Tibetan monks, who spoke no English. They had to communicate non-verbally to understand each other. He then worked as a professional actor, before becoming a communication coach and keynote speaker. Richard has won the coveted Cicero Grand Prize Award for Best Speechwriter of the Year.

Richard’s research on non-verbal communication was published in the Journal of Psychology. His study proved that you can increase your leadership ratings by 44% and win 59% more votes in an election by changing a few simple behaviours. Richard’s new book ‘Lift Your Impact’ explores how you can ‘Transform your mindset, influence and future, to elevate your work, team, and life’.

Richard Newman – Keynote Speaker | Best-Selling Author | Communication and Mindset Coach | Founder and CEO @BodyTalk


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