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In this Sales Toolkit, David Hyner shares his insights on memory mastery.

David discusses the importance of memory in everyday life and provides practical tips and strategies for improving memory skills. He suggests that memory can be trained and developed through regular practice and the use of specific memory techniques.

Hyner highlights several memory techniques, including visualization, association, and repetition, and provides examples of how these techniques can be applied in various contexts. He also discusses the role of attention, focus, and relaxation in memory, and suggests ways to optimize these factors for better memory performance.

In addition, Hyner provides insights on how to overcome common memory challenges such as forgetting names and numbers, and discusses the impact of stress and sleep on memory. He also proposes ways to maintain and improve memory as we age.

Key Takeaways from David Hyner:

  • Massively increase recall of essential product/service information.
  • Give sales presentations without notes …effortlessly.
  • Master a skill that most people assume they are terrible at.

About David:

Motivational goal-setting speaker and researcher to over 1.2 MILLION delegates over 23yrs.

Raising aspirations, attainment and creating IMPACT!

“David gives you the skills and the confidence to set and achieve your MASSIVE goals!” 

26.5% is the measured “average” increase in productivity when using our goal-setting process. The fun, challenging and interactive delivery style gives you the very best high-impact content from David’s 25+ years of research interviews with over 250 top achievers on the subjects of goal achievement, motivation, memory skills, purpose, and productivity.

David Hyner – Motivational Goal-Setting Speaker


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