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Graham Hogg – SalesAI: Boost Sales with Narratives

In this highly informative video, Graham Hogg, a seasoned B2B sales expert and the visionary founder of see6, delves into the transformative power of artificial intelligence, specifically SalesAI, for sales teams. Graham reveals how strategically leveraging SalesAI can not only drive productivity gains but also provide a significant competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape.

By providing the necessary context and insights to SalesAI, sales teams unlock its full potential, enabling them to generate captivating narratives deeply rooted in consumer insights. This empowers sales professionals to position themselves as thought leaders and strategic advisors, effectively capturing the attention of prospective clients and winning new business opportunities.

Graham emphasizes the pivotal role of context in maximizing the power of SalesAI. Customer intelligence, buyer information, and an acute understanding of consumer trends form the bedrock of a successful sales strategy. By arming SalesAI with these crucial contextual elements, sales teams can deliver tailored, impactful messaging that resonates with their target audience, setting themselves apart from competitors.

Furthermore, Graham sheds light on the high-stakes nature of B2B sales, where decisions can have multimillion-dollar consequences. He encourages sales teams to embrace AI as a valuable tool for synthesizing vast amounts of information and generating more effective outputs. SalesAI streamlines and optimizes the sales process, resulting in increased productivity and a distinct competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways from Graham Hogg:

  • Context is King.
  • How teams can leverage generative AI to build stories grounded in insights, connected to customers and delivered in a tone that drives action.
  • How this helps companies unlock the commercial advantages of AI.
  • How identifying patterns in the way teams think, act, and succeed helps determine how AI can best be used to transform organisations.
  • The future of AI in sales: The future holds immense potential as teams learn how to provide SalesAI with the necessary context and information.

About Graham:

Graham Hogg, a keynote speaker and founder of see6, is dedicated to bringing AI to sales teams in a way that’s smart, intuitive, and transformative. With 10+ years of experience, Graham has developed groundbreaking insights on how teams can leverage AI, including SalesAI, to connect with customers, build compelling stories, and deliver them in a tone that drives action.

His expertise has helped countless companies unlock the commercial advantages of AI. By identifying patterns in team thinking, actions, and success, Graham determines precisely how generative AI, like SalesAI, can be optimally used to transform organizations.

Graham is passionate about sharing his invaluable wisdom with anyone eager to learn. He is the proud author of the award-winning book “Seeing Around Corners,” which explores how AI and insights can synergize to elevate teams to the next level.

Graham Hogg – CEO & Co-founder at see6


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