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Nick Staab – The First Impression Formula

In “The First Impression Formula,” renowned entrepreneur and sales expert Nick Staab reveals the secrets to making a powerful first impression in sales. Drawing from his extensive experience as the founder of the Elite Sales Academy and his remarkable track record of closing over £10 million in sales deals, Nick provides invaluable insights and strategies to help entrepreneurs boost their sales success.

The toolkit focuses on the six sins of sales that often trigger resistance from prospects, and Staab offers practical advice on how to avoid them. The sins include nervousness, sounding needy, using buzzwords, being aggressive, over-excitement, and being too assumptive. Nick emphasizes the importance of confidence, detachment from outcomes, effective communication, and understanding the prospect’s needs.

Key Take-Aways from Nick Staab:

  • Nervousness. You have to sound confident, as no one wants to work with someone who sounds uncertain.
  • Sounding needy. Detach yourself from the outcome and put your prospect first to avoid sounding like you’re desperate for this sale.
  • Buzzwords. Less is more when it comes to selling – don’t put people off by using long words they don’t understand.
  • Being aggressive. Ensure you don’t come across as someone who’s just trying to aggressively close a sale by remembering to smile, keep calm and confident, and ask the right questions.
  • Over-excitement. Unless you’re in the US, respect the room and tone down your excitement so you come across as professional.
  • Too assumptive. Never assume you know someone’s situation. Ask questions and understand their world, so you can tailor a personalised pitch to your prospect.

About Nick:

Nick Staab is the founder of the Elite Sales Academy, the UK’s fastest-growing sales coaching network. It hosts training events to help entrepreneurs close more sales in their businesses with confidence and conviction. A multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Nick is one of the UK’s leading speakers on developing sales strategies, online training and coaching. Nick has closed over £10 million pounds in sales deals and entered the Expert Speaker Hall Of Fame as speaker of the year 2022 and for closing over £1m in stage sales last year.

Nick Staab – Founder at The Elite Sales Academy
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