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Michael Sadler – Showpad Tech Roast Demo

Want to see Showpad in action – without having to discuss your budget and other business specs? Here’s your chance.

The Growth Hub puts Showpad to the test with a virtual Tech Roast. This challenging live demo gives business leaders and revenue enablement champions like you the opportunity to see what Showpad can really do – as experts interrogate our features to reveal the benefits, expose any limitations and evaluate the potential ROI.

Key Takeaways from Michael Sadler, Senior Solutions Engineer at Showpad:

  • Build genuine strategic alignment between your sales and marketing teams
  • Enable sales reps to deliver timely, relevant and rewarding buyer engagement
  • Make it easier for buying teams to buy.

About Michael Sadler:

Hendrik Isebaert is Showpad’s Chief Executive Officer. After joining the organization in 2016, Hendrik embarked on an extensive business immersion, working in leadership positions across Showpad’s dual headquarters in the U.S. and Belgium.

Beginning his Showpad career as Chief of Staff, Hendrik was subsequently promoted to the role of Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and latterly to Senior Vice President of Revenue globally.

Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Hendrik spent two years serving as the Chief Operating Officer, where he was fundamental to the growth and success of the organization. In this role, Hendrik was responsible for the full customer journey, from prospect to close to upsell and renewal, overseeing Showpad’s global sales, customer success, professional services, partnerships, revenue operations and enablement. He refocused Showpad’s GTM organization by building the GTM strategy roadmap and driving its execution.

Michael Sadler – Principal Solutions Engineer & Revenue Enablement Specialist



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