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Paul Devlin – Improve Sales Performance Through Coaching

In this sales toolkit video, Paul Devlin shares his expertise on how to improve sales performance through coaching.

As an experienced sales coach and consultant, he has helped numerous organizations and sales teams achieve their goals by implementing effective coaching strategies.

Paul emphasizes the importance of tailoring coaching to individual team members, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, and providing targeted feedback and support. His insights and practical tips are valuable for any sales leader looking to maximize the potential of their team.

Key Takeaways from Paul Devlin:

  • Learn how to build the confidence of your workforce.
  • The importance of investing in coaching.
  • Set goals to inspire performance.

About Paul:

Paul is a Global C-suite Technology Executive. He is focused on supporting and inspiring leaders and teams, to achieve for the benefit of themselves, employers and the customers they serve, as well as enhancing a company’s Sales Performance.

Paul Devlin – Founder of PKD Advisory Ltd


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