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Keep a Step Ahead With a Mobile Sales Force

In today’s modern business world, mobility and agility is a must to meet customer demands. The modern customer now expects companies to be on top of their game 24/7, with access to relevant information at all times, so being able to respond in real-time – even when on the road or working at home – can be the difference between business success and failure. You wouldn’t turn up to play a football game without the right kit, so why do so when dealing with your customers?

Setting up your sales team to be mobile, using the right technology and resources, empowers staff to tackle customers and prospects with what they really they need – access to all the data necessary to be properly informed of any given situation wherever, whenever. The result is a better overall customer experience, improved chances of sales success, an increase in productivity and, ultimately, an upturn in profits.

Taking your CRM mobile is the obvious strategy here, given your entire prospect and customer database, with the relevant information, is held within. Before mobile CRM, salespeople were disconnected from the information needed when out of the office. With salespeople increasingly on the road and working remotely, having them equipped with a wealth of data offers them the required flexibility and access to boost their performance and generally make life easier. As competition becomes fiercer it is important for your sales force to be operating at its peak – no more “sorry I was out of the office” excuses. Businesses must ensure that in the modern working environment, employees are never out of the loop when speaking with any prospect or customer.

Here is how your business can keep ahead of competitors by operating a mobile approach:

Access to information – Being away from the office used to result in an information blackout, but with mobile solutions providing better access to data, sales reps can keep in touch with prospects and clients whilst on the move. Mobile CRM provides salespeople with immediate access to important information such as account history, products recently purchased, website page views, and the most up-to-date pricing information – along with every prior interaction. This helps salespeople strategise their plan of actions for each individual client. Having access to all information is also important when dealing with immediate requests or complaints. With the ability to see client accounts at all times, emergencies can be avoided, and sales staff are able to operate as per usual from all locations, resulting in no downtime in between meetings.

Boost sales and cash flow – With the required information at their fingertips, salespeople are going into sales meetings and calls with their ammunition bolstered. The time saved by making all information easily and readily accessible ensures salespeople are able to spend their time on money-making activities. Sales decisions are being able to be made in real-time due to the information being readily accessible, which results in an increase in sales speed – giving your business a competitive advantage over competitors. The shortening of the sales cycle allows reps to work on more new opportunities, increasing their ability to earn revenue, whilst also accelerating customer purchasing by delivering relevant and timely information straight to them. No more, “I’ll get back to you when I get in the office”. Greater mobility and access to information essentially help reduce the time between the point of sale and billing, meaning an increase in cash flow that will help drive growth.

Increased efficiency and productivity – Instead of being bogged down by time-consuming paperwork and admin, your sales team will find that CRM streamlines processes, shortening delivery times and allows them to focus more time on building new relationships with potential customers and finding fresh opportunities with current clients. Mobile CRM helps keep data organised, speeding up all sales processes. Appointments are easily created and reminded, data entry is quick and easy, and the synchronising of schedules between your team improves in-house communications, helps plan meetings and attend conference calls as and when needed.

Improved CRM data and insights – With updates and changes to potential customers and client accounts being made seamlessly from anywhere, even out of office hours, data is more likely to be collected accurately, as and when things change. The ability to capture better quality data that will be synchronised across your whole team can be essential in generating better leads, following up on inquiries and providing each member of staff with up-to-date relevant information. 

Become a leader in customer service – Equipped with on-the-go mobile information, sales teams can respond to client emails and schedule calls without breaking a sweat. The improvement in client relationship response times is able to improve, and with more accurate data retention, greater long term profits will increase due to the improved customer experience you are able to provide. Responding to queries and requests for assistance quickly can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction, high levels of loyalty and the improved opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, linking back into boosting sales. 

The modern world is continuing to evolve from office-based to mobile business solutions, and your sales team needs to jump on board before it’s too late. The business gains from arming your sales staff with the right weapon will increase profitability going forward in 2020, and the improvements in productivity and efficiency make this a strategic no-brainer.


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