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Phil Jones MBE & Wendy Harris – Leadership Fireside Chat

In this Leadership Interview recorded at The National Sales Conference, we sit down with the head of Brother UK, Phil Jones MBE and the head of EMEA at Gong, Wendy Harris to talk about the current economy and ways they are currently dealing with the recession as leaders with tips that you can use in your own organisation’s.

Key Areas of Discussions with Phil Jones MBE & Wendy Harris:

  • More with Less.
  • Adapting in a challenging market.
  • Stopping the churn.

About Phil Jones MBE:

Phil Jones is Managing Director of Brother UK, an Information, Communication, and Technology business supplying products and services to hundreds of thousands of UK enterprises. Starting as a fax salesperson at Brother UK in 1994, he worked his way up through the business to be appointed its leader in 2013, managing a revenue over £100 million.

About Wendy Harris:

Wendy Harris is Head of EMEA at Gong, a revenue intelligence platform that empowers customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform automatically captures and analyses.



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