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Nick Elston – Harnessing Your Energy for Sales Performance!

In this short yet impactful session, Nick will share a few of his ‘lived experience’ tips, tools & hacks so that we can start to harness our energy to achieve sales performance!  This will be unlike any insight you will have received before – Nick promises that!  

Described as a ‘BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty’, Nick’s sideways look at his specialisms in sales & in the world of personal development will give you all you need to ask better questions of yourself – to allow you to thrive every day!

Key Takeaways from Nick Elston:

  • Manage your battery – what nourishes you, what depletes you – tips on how to manage our energy to thrive!
  • Check your diary – are you setting aside time to rest, recover & recharge?  Time to get selfish!
  • Are you truly being heard?  Tips from a Professional Speaker on how to build genuine, strong & lasting connections.

About Nick:

Nick Elston is a leading Inspirational Speaker on the Lived Experience of Mental Health, Award Winning Mental Health engagement & Lecturer & a Transformational Speaking Coach.

Nick writes for many global publications in the HR & L&D space including HRD, HR Zone, and CIPD as well as tapping into his work as a former Sales Professional to deliver talks, articles & insights for sales industry organisations – to name just a few.  Nick works all over the world as a Professional Speaker & coaches others to speak authentically, vulnerably & emotionally – to help people find their voice.

Nick Elston – Inspirational Speaker, Lecturer & Award Winning Mental Health Engagement | Transformational Speaking Coach | Founder of Forging People


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