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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Recruitment & Retention: Why an Evergreen Sales Training Culture is Vital

Sales training experts Flume recently worked with LSX, an events promotion company, to help with staff retention within its sales team, which it hoped in turn would help with its growth target of at least 35% for that year.

Flume tailored its sales training, adapting to the way LSX is run as a business. Its 4-stage coaching process was invaluable for LSX, with follow-ups and feedback so everyone knew how they were getting on during the process. Everyone at LSX agreed that the platform was non-disruptive, meaning they could dip in and out as and when needed, with an emphasis on it adding to what they were currently doing, not taking anything away.

Commenting on the sales training offered by Flume, Matthew Pullan from LSX said, “Having such an engaging and transformational sales training programme is absolutely fundamental when it comes to recruitment. It’s a tool we use to attract people and is something we can shout about, especially when we’re competing for hires.

 “Graduates come along with a lot of questions about what we can offer them. They want to know how they’re going to be onboarded, what are their personal development prospects and how they will be encouraged to grow. We can tell them that we invest in our people, with continuous internal and external sales training, and that’s music to people’s ears.

“It’s equally important in terms of retention. We value our salespeople, we want them to stay and grow with us, and we can prove that we invest in them and their future. They are getting the most up-to-date, data-led sales training in a way that is fun, easily-digestible, reinforced and fits around their day-to-day activities. And it works.”

Flume are experts in behaviour change, continuous development and staff engagement. For further insights into recruitment, onboarding, ongoing team development, staff retention, and its game-changing approach to sales training, check out its blog here.