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MHiS – How to Improve Your Team’s Wellbeing & Performance

In the most recent MHiS talk, you’ll uncover the essential balance between meeting professional targets and prioritising personal well-being.

Discover how starting your day with a simple exercise routine can set a positive tone for the hours ahead, not just by preparing your body for the day’s challenges, but also by reducing stress through the natural release of cortisol.

This approach ensures that your work enriches rather than consumes your life, providing a foundation for a more fulfilling career.

You’ll delve into strategies for overcoming the persistent feeling of not being enough, learning how to manage stress, tackle imposter syndrome, and keep your work life enjoyable and engaging.

By integrating leisure and relaxation into your daily routine, you’ll find out how to transform pressure into a privilege, viewing each challenge as an opportunity for growth. The talk emphasises focusing on what you can control, offering practical tips for enhancing your professional and personal life.

Key Areas of Discussions:

  • Incorporate Movement into Daily Routine: The importance of physical activity, particularly before starting a day of desk work, is highlighted as a method to prevent work from overwhelming our lives. Exercise, even in mild forms, helps in releasing cortisol, a stress hormone, thereby mitigating stress levels.
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome and Stress Management: Common issues like feeling inadequate and imposter syndrome, emphasising the need for balance between work and leisure activities to ensure they remain enjoyable and not obsessive.
  • Adopting a Positive Frame of Mind towards Pressure and Control: The concept that “pressure is a privilege” reflects a positive reframing of work-related stress, suggesting that being in a position to experience such pressure is indicative of professional progress.

About Stella Round:

Stella is a highly experienced Performance Coach and Mentor with a passion for helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential. With a unique approach to coaching and mentoring, Stella utilises techniques that facilitate personal growth and self-actualization, while encouraging individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

As the Founder and Director of Stellar Consultancy, Stella provides professional coaching to individuals, helping them identify and overcome their blockers and limiting beliefs. She also offers bespoke development programs designed to create effective and focused teams. Stella is a strong advocate for mental health and actively supports mental health initiatives.

About George Anderson:

For over 20 years, well-being, and performance coach George Anderson has been helping people take more action so that they can thrive more in their lives. Described as a ‘motivational speaker meets high-performance trainer’, George’s sessions inspire audiences to want to take action and equip them with the practical tools and strategies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on their lives.

After gaining a master’s degree in engineering, George pivoted and pursued his passion for a purpose-lead career in wellbeing. With an ongoing education in neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience coaching and positive psychology, his presentations also draw upon his experiences and lessons from ultra-endurance challenges. These include 10 back-to-back marathons, two 24-hour 100-mile ultra marathons, and an Ironman triathlon.

About Graham Benton:

Graham Benton is a proven Tech Sales Professional with 27 years of industry experience, including 8 years in leadership positions.

He is experienced in selling SaaS, Software, Infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, Subscription Services, Cloud Consulting, and Advisory & Professional Services.

Benton is proficient at using Challenger, MEDDPICC, and other sales/qualification methodologies. He is people-focused, with a passion for Inclusion & Diversity and Mental Health Awareness. Furthermore, Benton serves as the Co-Chair for HPE’s WoMen@HPE group and Vice-Lead for HPE’s MyMind@Work programme.

About Amanda Arthurs:

Amanda is an experienced Business Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Foreign Currency, and Management. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts focused on English Language and Literature, General from Edge Hill College of Higher Education.

Stella Round FISM, CIPD – Performance Coach and Mentor
George Anderson – Motivational keynote speaker & trainer
Graham Benton — Global Account Director, at BMC Software
Amanda Arthurs — Fleet Parts Sales Manager at DAF Trucks UK


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