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Richard Langham – Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

In this sales toolkit video, Richard Langham shares valuable insights on how to achieve a good night’s sleep.

As an experienced sales professional, he knows how important it is to take care of yourself in order to perform at your best.

Richard emphasizes the importance of celebrating success as a team, which creates a strong sense of unity and motivation.

He also emphasizes the importance of embodying your code of conduct, which means aligning your values and actions to gain the trust of your customers and colleagues.

Lastly, Richard shares tips on how to develop a strong rapport with customers and colleagues, which is crucial in building lasting relationships and driving sales success. His practical advice and tips can help anyone in sales achieve a more restful and productive night’s sleep.

Key Takeaways from Richard Langham:

  • Create a strong team by celebrating success
  • How to embody your code of conduct
  • Learn how to develop a strong rapport with customers and colleagues

About Richard:

Richard Langham is a seasoned business leader with a contagious enthusiasm for success, delivering consistent achievement of double-digit growth. Passionate about leading and affecting change, from small refinements through to large scale business transformation. Driven by encouraging and celebrating the success of customers, teams, and individuals.

Richard Langham – Sales Transformation Leader


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