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Thursday, June 20, 2024

10 Apps to Help Salespeople Sell in 2023

When it comes to helping salespeople sell more, mobile apps can be a lifesaver. Applications for productivity, wellbeing, training, travel, education, and data management all aim to optimise time away from the desk and make life easier.

Here are 10 of the best to get on your mobile this year.

1. Zoom / Microsoft Teams

If you like to conference call on the move, Zoom and Teams are essential for your mobile. Get HD video quality, meeting encryption, the ability to team chat (through Teams), and recording capabilities, so you’ll never forget a meeting. So, if you take meetings on the go, both of these are worth downloading.

2. LinkedIn / Twitter

You should never have a meeting without checking the prospect or customer’s LinkedIn profile. Additionally, if you’re at a networking event, think about live tweeting it and following industry influencers. Both of these are no-brainers for networking, prospect research, following industry trends and building relationships, as well as credibility.

3. DocuSign

When you have a prospect ready to sign on the dotted line, you don’t want to be constrained by having to be at your desk. Top salespeople get them to sign there and then, no matter where they are. DocuSign is an eSignature solution that empowers just that. Download it (or another eSignature solution) and you’ll be able to get prospects to sign wherever you are, at any time.

4. Evernote

Had a brilliant idea? At a conference or meeting and need to make notes? Evernote is a leading note-taking app that tags notes by location so you can easily filter through the results and find specific notes from a particular place. Putting all your notes in one, central place means you can always capture ideas and key information.

5. Your CRM app

Whatever CRM you use, get the associated mobile app. Having your CRM app on your phone means you can update records without being at your computer, as well as access prospect records in case they call you, and you don’t have their information in front of you. Simply pull out your phone and start adding the info while it’s fresh in your mind.

6. Headspace

Sales can be really stressful and overwhelming. Top performers not only perform well at work, but they take mental and physical health seriously. The more you look after your mental health, the better you’ll perform. Headspace is a popular meditation app to help you refocus, destress, sleep better and find your zen.

7. Expensify

Expensify is perfect for receipt scanning and getting expenses reimbursed. After all, nobody likes having to go through a wad of receipts and then do the admin when they get home. Expensify makes tracking expenses super easy.

8. Uber / Lyft

No matter where you are, you want to be able to get a taxi to where you are going easily and quickly. You never know when you’ll need one. In the digital age, you don’t want to be waiting for a taxi at a taxi rank, instead, you can book one via Uber or Lyft and summon it to your exact location. It also means you don’t need cash as you can pay via your mobile.

9. Doc Scan

Doc Scan is a handy app that enables you to take a picture of a document, let’s say a contract or invoice, and it quickly packages it up nicely for you as a PDF or JPG file.

10. QuickVoice

If you’re at a meeting or event, and you want to make sure you capture everything said, QuickVoice is the app for you. It records the audio, so you can go back and listen again at a later date.

Lastly, a bonus app to get is your collaboration software of choice app. Whether that are Dropbox, Microsoft Teams/SharePoint, Google Drive or something else, having an app that lets you access files and share documents from your phone is crucial in the digital age.



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