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Chris Sharman – Marrying Sales and Marketing

Chris Sharman is a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in creating high-performing teams.

In this sales toolkit video, he shares valuable insights on how to effectively align sales and marketing efforts to drive success in your business.

Chris offers practical tips and strategies for creating a cohesive team that works together to achieve common goals. Whether you’re a sales professional or a marketing manager, Chris’s expertise can help you take your business to the next level.

Key Takeaways from Chris Sharman:

  • Learn the importance of bringing together sales and marketing teams
  • break sales and marketing silos
  • Improve buyer engagement and growth

About Chris:

Chris has been working in the leisure industry since 1995 and his experience to-date has seen him progress from delivering parties and holiday camps at his local sports centre to high profile national roles for both public and private leisure operators.

Chris has a flair for creating financially profitable products that truly engage children of all ages, increasing participation whilst at the same time re-energising staff and coaches set the task of bringing his products to life and using them to drive successful businesses.

Chris Sharman – Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Topodium Group


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