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Spencer George – Enabling a Go-To-Market Strategy


A successful go to market (GTM) strategy involves a number of Teams synchronizing their energies and efforts. 

However, it is often the case that disconnects occur between different contributors, which affect the effectiveness of the launch. 

Very are rarely these disconnects intentional, however in the realities of different teams having different knowledge bases, needs and goals, disconnects occur. 

Often someone in the GTM team will play the role of objective facilitator, spotting disconnects between teams, then working to close the gaps with the teams involved. 

Someone from any department can play the role of objective facilitator. 

Many GTM project leads fail because they are unable to put the interests of their department to one side as the project progresses. 

In my experience, the best person to play the role of objective facilitator should either have little emotional connection to the teams involved or be able to put loyalty to their own department to one side for the greater good. 

Which is why I think you will like this interview with Spencer George – VP Global Field Enablement – Software AG. 

We discuss how the Sales Enablement team can play a critical role in identifying and resolving disconnects during a Go-To-Market project.  

Whilst Sales Enablement have at attachment to the sales team, their ultimate loyalty lies with the sales professionals who have to take the new product or service to market.  

Through this lens, they can often see how competing interests or different levels of understanding can affect the success of the launch. 

You might be thinking that this interview will only help you if you are in sales enablement.  

However, you would be wrong.  

This interview will help you understand more about:

  • How to set up a GTM team 
  • The positive role an objective facilitator such as Sales Enablement can play in a successful project
  • Where are common disconnects in a GTM project team.  
  • How to identify and resolve disconnects between different team members
  • How to road test your strategy and materials with the sales team prior to go live. 
  • Why aligning CRM data pre- and post-launch is key to success.

About Spencer George:

George has been in helping technology sales teams thrive for over 15 years. At his core, he loves helping other people help others, which is why he talks passionately about enablement of all revenue functions, not just sales. George is also the chairman of the UK chapter of the sales enablement society. He loves helping other people help others, which is why he has been in sales enablement for over 15 years.

Spencer George – Chairman of the UK chapter of the sales enablement society


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