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Tiffani Bova – Why We Need To Talk About Burnout

In this Sales Toolkit video, Tiffani Bova shares her insights on how to keep your sales team thriving and prevent burnout. As a respected sales strategist, Tiffani emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing burnout in sales teams and provides actionable tips and advice for managers to support their teams’ well-being.

With her extensive experience in the field, Tiffani offers valuable guidance on how to foster a healthy work culture and maintain a motivated and engaged sales team.

Key Takeaways from Tiffani Bova:

  • Looking after yourself and your Sales Team to keep performing well.
  • Practical tips and advice to rest and relax during stressful times.
  • Consideration for your customer’s situation and connection.

About Tiffani:

Always Thinking Forward: As the Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, Tiffani has the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world as they look to transform the way they engage with customers, grow their business, and create amazing customer experiences.

She looks out to the future for disruptive trends, while at the same time scanning the near horizon for real-world impact. Tiffani’s current conversations centre around 2 objectives: customer success and growth.

Tiffani has been told the combination of her operational and research experience is what positioned her as one of the leading thinkers in the area of sales transformation and business model innovation.

She continues to believe the best place to learn the realities of what is happening in the market is to get in the field and see it through the eyes of your employees, your customers, and your front-line sales force.

Tiffani Bova – Growth Strategist | Executive Advisor | Keynote Speaker | 2x WSJ Bestselling Author | 2x Thinkers50 | What’s Next Podcast Host


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