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Andy Edwards – Use Credibility for Customer Success

In this comprehensive toolkit, Andy Edwards sheds light on the central role of authority and credibility in sales strategies, with a special focus on achieving customer success.

The toolkit is firmly grounded in well-established psychological studies, a noteworthy one being Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment. This pioneering study unveiled a profound insight into human behaviour: our deep-seated tendency to obey those we perceive as authority figures. Edwards extrapolates these psychological principles to the realm of sales, revealing their transformative potential for the industry.

More than just a summary of theory, Edwards provides actionable guidance on how to ethically harness the power of authority and credibility. Recognising these elements as a double-edged sword, Edwards stresses the importance of using them responsibly. He demonstrates that when wielded correctly, authority and credibility can have a profound influence on customer behaviour, driving successful sales conversions and fostering a sense of trust and loyalty with clients.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of these principles, Edwards also presents real-world examples, breathing life into the concepts explored within the toolkit. One such instance highlights the impact of perceived authority on people’s behaviour – a man dressed in a suit was more likely to be followed into a mildly dangerous situation compared to when he was in casual attire. This reinforces the idea that the way sales professionals present themselves can greatly affect the customers’ willingness to trust and follow their guidance.

Edwards equips sales professionals with the psychological knowledge and practical strategies necessary for enhancing customer relationships and driving sales outcomes. By leveraging these principles, sales professionals can guide their customers towards success, making this toolkit an indispensable resource in the sales industry. As a bridge between psychology and sales, Andy Edwards’ toolkit serves as a crucial compass in navigating the complex dynamics of customer interactions.

Key Takeaways from Andy Edwards:

  • Authority and Credibility in Sales: The deep-seated human tendency to obey authoritative figures plays a pivotal role in sales, as credibility and perceived authority can significantly influence customer behaviour and decision-making processes.
  • Ethical Use of Authority: Authority and credibility should be ethically harnessed in sales, avoiding any manipulative practices. Genuine self-confidence, based on knowledge and experience, can contribute to building this authority.
  • Influence on Customer Behavior: How sales professional presents themselves can greatly influence customers’ responses. For example, a well-dressed salesperson is more likely to inspire trust and following compared to a casually dressed one, highlighting the importance of professionalism in creating successful customer interactions.
  • Implication for Customer Success: By effectively leveraging authority and credibility, sales professionals can drive successful sales conversions and enhance customer success.
  • Guidance from Andy Edwards: Drawing from his expertise and experience, Andy Edwards offers invaluable strategies for ethically harnessing authority and credibility, making his toolkit a must-have resource for sales professionals.

About Andy:

Andy Edwards is the creator of “Relationomics”, leveraging relationships for the best possible business results. He is an accredited behavioural psychologist and author of two books, one on understanding people, and the other about Behavioural Leadership (as seen from the follower’s perspective). Using an accessible model of human behaviour, Andy speaks about how to create, build, leverage, and repair quality relationships in the workplace.

Andy Edwards – MD and Keynote Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Presenter


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