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The Business Life Jacket – The 10-Point Manifesto To Disaster-Proof Your Business Success

1. Be Visible  

The emerging workplace could lead to the single biggest test of leadership skills in history, and one of the key things the new leader needs to be is visible.

The solo-preneur and even the seasoned CEO can at times be found guilty of hiding in the office, behind their emails or in endless meetings to avoid facing challenges head on.

Your clients, suppliers, teams, family, and fellow leaders need to see that you are still there plugging away; and are not afraid to work shoulder to shoulder with those you work with and for. 

2. Be Courageous 

Right now, it seems that everyone is afraid of the unknown and many leaders are burying their heads in the sand praying that we can all go back to how it was before at the earliest possible moment. That might not happen. 

If everyone is afraid, it is time to be strong and admit that as the leader in this situation, you might not know all the answers (or any of them), but you will make decisions that will serve the business, customers and team members best. 

Ask them to get behind you and all push together, because for example, pre-COVID-19, most were afraid of change and any significant change could often meet with push back. In these uncertain times we are faced with change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis so people will be more prepared to be part of a movement, team or project that is significant in its ambition. 

If a leadership team were ever to push a big change project through… now is the time to do this.

3. Make Decisions  

Fear of the unknown is “with us” for the foreseeable future, and too many leaders will be making decisions from a place of fear and trying to protect what they have built. 

Many others will not be making decisions at all, hoping that “all will work itself out in the long run?” 

Certainty, confidence and conviction is needed in both the decision-making process, AND the way the decision is communicated to employees, customers and suppliers alike. 

Purposeful decision-making leads to procrastination, which in turn leads to a paralysis of mindset. The strong leader will keep making decisions. 

4. Be Empathic 

If you are not a naturally empathic person it is important that you do not “try” to be something you are not, but instead a team member who is, to be demonstrative of how your business sincerely cares about what it does, its customers, and its team. 

Society, families, and the workplace will be returning … but they will be scared. Look out for those who are over-extrovert or perhaps “too” quiet. Be aware that many have lost loved ones and friends close to them. Countless more will have survived an illness that will have taken their health, their liberty and, in too many cases, any savings they might have once had. Compassion, tolerance, and a desire to listen and understand another’s emotional state of mind will be key in building relationships moving forward.

5. Set MASSIVE Goals 

In the words of Per temps recruitment founder Tim Watts, “Set BIG FAT HAIRY GOALS… because realistic and achievable goals set us up for mediocrity… AT BEST!” 

It is a time to innovate, try new and bigger ideas, to stretch to what might be possible when perhaps before, we may have settled for what was within reach. 

A time to be bold and set MASSIVE goals, achieving them with realistic and achievable steps along the way. 

6. Be On Purpose 

Knowing the what and how is all well and good, but the new leader needs to know themselves and their team. 

Know their market, their offer, and the needs they are meeting like never before. Knowing “why” they must succeed… The “reason” they must achieve their goal is the motivator to great things. 

It is our purpose that when (as we will) fall, stumble, fail and are at the edge of defeat, it will enable us to stand once more and look the challenge in the eye and scream “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?!”. 

Then step forward again to try once more, knowing that you will do this as many times as is needed to be the leader you need to be, and to deliver what has been promised.

7. Speak/Present Like A Leader

In a world where ego, and a seemingly insatiable need for acceptance rules the sales and marketing arena, the new leader will be required to speak more and present their opinions as a leader would. 

Everyone seems to be shouting, and the marketplace is looking for people they can trust and who are authentic in their desire to serve. The customer is tired of over-promising and under-delivering, fake news, and “too good to be true” claims of what can be done. Be full of certainty, confidence, and conviction in your message and its delivery… every time. 

Communication skills will become one of the most important tools in a leader’s armoury. Skill up! 

8. Get The Support And Accountability You Need 

In different parts of our life, each of us can at times require the right level of support and/or accountability. In my own life I know that I require support in my personal life, and my wife will tell you that in my business I 100% need some accountability. 

A mastermind group can do this for you. A group of motivated people like yourself who on a regular basis will offer support, accountability, and a sound board for your opportunities and challenges. 

Everyone in your life has an agenda for you and your time, apart from those in your mastermind group. The only agenda they have is for you to succeed, and to support them in succeeding as well. They will applaud when you achieve and hold your feet to the flames when you try to hide. 

9. Know Your Numbers (The Financials)

If, like myself, the financials could be an easier part of your week, it is critical that you have the right people around you who will teach you the basics so that you have a grasp of your business and where the cash cow is at. 

No matter how small or large a business is, too many fall by the roadside due to nothing more than the poor management of the administration around money and bookkeeping. 

Know your numbers! 

If your accountant is unable to help to grasp this… get a new accountant. 

10. Sell Things That Solve Problems 

Sales and marketing is too often feared or overlooked. It can be easy to get distracted by new social media and online models (some of which really can work), when all that might be needed is to have more coffee and conversation with the right target people, with the right targeted service or product. 

It may sound obvious to say that we should sell things that solve our customers problems, but very few leaders are prepared to risk their idea “not being liked” by potential customers so fool themselves into promoting things that might never sell?

Do the research and create services and products that are needed and wanted “right now”. One of the simplest ways to get a smile from a potential client is to simply ask the question… “What can we do for you… right now?”

David is one of the UK’s lead motivational speakers with a speciality in personal and business effectiveness. His 22 years of primary research has led him to develop the controversial and highly impactful Massive Goal system of goal-setting. This has been learnt and adopted by over ONE MILLION young adults, business professionals and employees. You can learn more about David and his work by visiting www.davidhyner.com

David Hyner – Motivational Goal-Setting Speaker


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