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Karen Green – 3 Top Tips to Use LinkedIn to Get to Know Your Buyer Better

Getting to know your buyer, BEFORE you start selling is the key to sale success.

Once you know their personality, their generation and their interests, you can begin to tailor your sales pitch accordingly.

…and more importantly build rapport because as we know buyers need to know like and trust us!! 

In this video Karen Green will talk you through 3 ways that Linked in is your friend and will help you to work out your buyer’s profile and how to tailor every message whether that is an email, sales pitch or negotiating a successful deal. 

…and find the one piece of AI that you will never want to be without.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why your customer’s generation makes a difference.
  • How to profile your buyer’s personality with one click.
  • Knowing you knowing me – what do you have in common.

About Karen Green:

Karen Green is a consultant, author and speaker who improves sales and communication for b2b entrepreneurs and companies, whether they are pitching ideas, products/services or themselves, by creating a structured understanding of their customers.

Karen has a unique perspective on sales having been both a buyer for UK retailers Tesco and Boots and commercial director selling right back into grocer. She now works with a variety of clients who all have one thing in common – the need to sell more and sell better.

Her clients are varied from UN International Trade Centre, Virgin Start up and many food entrepreneurs. Under Karen’s guidance, they have closed contracts totalling over £150m and won new business with major customers including Tesco, Nike and Amazon

She is author of two best selling books with the second “Buyer-ology – know your buyer sell more and sell better” currently shortlisted for Business Book Awards. She is a strong business coach, business growth strategist and inspiring keynote speaker for B2B companies selling both consumer goods and services

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