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Friday, June 2, 2023

Mansour Mbaye – How to Grow Sales In A Tough Market

It looks like the world’s economy is entering troubled waters.

On the upside, many sales teams have already survived a challenging period, although the scale of the challenge depended on the sector your company is located in. 

A true economic downturn inevitably affects every sector. 

In turn, it becomes about which companies in each sector can make the most of the opportunities and minimise the negative consequences that downturns bring. 

The challenge Sales Leaders face is how to keep their sales teams motivated and focused on achieving their targets in a new environment, vs mourning the market conditions that have passed. 

In this Growth Hub Leadership Interview, we speak to Mansour Mbaye CRO of Shootsta. 

Shootsta is a video platform that enables Marketing and Sales teams to create high-quality videos at scale whilst driving consistent messaging to their Customers.  

Alongside Shootsta, Mansour has held leadership roles at Salesforce and Hewlett-Packard.

Key Areas of Discussions with Mansour Mbaye, Global Head of Revenue at Shootsta:

  • How does the sales process change during a tough market?
  • Why is aligning Sales, Marketing & Customer success a key strategy for success in a tough market?
  • How do you maintain the morale of a sales team who is having to work harder to hit a target?
  • Why customer success is critical to the sales team’s success in a tough market. 
  • How Customer Success needs to work with Customers to ensure their service is retained if a Customer goes through a cost-cutting exercise

Mansour‘s Book of Choice:

Mansour recommends ‘The Alchemist’ – Paulo Coelho.

About Mansour Mbaye:

Mansour is an experienced sales leader with strong people leadership and management skills. He has been successful in assembling and developing high-performing sales teams, as well as establishing strong, profitable relationships with key stakeholders and customers in a B2B SAAS environment.

He is powered by an in-depth understanding of the Asia Pacific and EMEA regions. He is capable of taking on new challenges, establishing new products in new markets, and re-shaping businesses and teams while scaling through channel partners.

His business leadership style centres on customer and employee success through clear communication, disciplined execution, and delivering results.

Mansour Mbaye – Global Head of Revenue at Shootsta