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SugarCRM releases The 2024 State of CRM Report

Leading cloud-based CRM provider SugarCRM has recently released its 2024 State of CRM Report, offering insights from over 800 sales, marketing, service, and IT leaders from around the world.

The report details what new CRM activities leading organisations have adopted over the past five years, and what they will be prioritising in the future.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Intelligent forecasting is the future, with leaders citing that forecasting and pipeline insights are the most important CRM-based activities that organisations are prioritising, followed by intent data/lead scoring.
  • Lead generation is growing exponentially and is not slowing down, with 45% of respondents reporting that capturing intent data and/or lead scoring is a higher priority now than it was five years ago.
  • Sales pipeline management is key for growing organisations. Pipeline visibility, quality of leads, and quantity of leads are the top reported areas that CRM has helped to optimise for the customer journey.

Commenting on the report, SugarCRM’s CEO Craig Charlton said ‘CRM has certainly evolved in the past five years, and as our customers tell us, it has reached a critical tipping point as they consider the health and wellness of their customer-facing operations. CRM can work wonders for your business, to be sure, keeping sales, marketing, and service teams in sync so they can successfully provide those great experiences.’

He continues to say, ‘Almost 60% of our respondents reported that they view CRM as more important for achieving sales and marketing goals than five years ago. That’s a powerful statement on CRM’s evolution.’

For further information, and to download the report, CLICK HERE.


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