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What Is Geo-Mapping Software?

Your sales reps need the right tools to better plan and manage their workload. Sometimes, this can come as sales automation software, other times, like CRM tools, but regardless of the platform, they’ll need the insights a geo-mapping software can offer. Such software enhances customer interactions and drives company-wide productivity. Here are just a few ways geo-mapping software can give your organization an extra productivity boost.

What Is Geo Mapping Software?

Geo-mapping software provides companies with tools, maps, and demographic data to better visualize information within their databases. Such software takes location-based data and uses it to create a map. Such tools allow businesses to identify opportunities, trends, issues, and areas worth improving. Likewise, geo-mapping software enables organizations to add a strategic edge to their sales and marketing strategies.

Why Your CRM Needs Geolocation

Sales teams can benefit from integrating geo-mapping solutions with their CRM data. Geolocation data adds a new dimension to your sales reps’ insights into prospects and allows them to visualize and plan prospect and customer interactions, which can in the long run enable cross-departmental collaboration. For example, marketing teams can tailor geographic campaigns to their specific needs and interests.

It Benefits Your Marketing Team

Geolocation services can help marketing departments define their target markets and buyer persona, identify growth areas, or reach improvement. Such tools offer tremendous advantages in targeting customers in advertising and marketing campaigns. This technology can also help marketing departments assess and better understand their competition.

Used within marketing teams, geo mapping can help analyze location-based consumer behaviors for insights that can be used to tailor more effective marketing strategies. It establishes connections between different location data within a predefined geographic area.

Usually, geo-mapping information is merged with internal details, competitor data, and socio-demographic data (think age, gender, education level, average income, household consumer information, and so forth).

Mapping consumer information using location data empowers marketing teams to make more intentional decisions in their location-based marketing. Here are some areas where geo mapping can facilitate your marketing efforts:

  • Advertise your business to consumers who have visited one of your locations within a specific time.
  • Behavioral targeting through localization marketing and demographics information.
  • Use location information combined with spending habits to refine your marketing audiences.

It Benefits Your Sales Team

Effective sales territory management is one of the most prominent advantages that comes to mind when thinking of geo-mapping software. However, below we gathered some more added benefits of such solutions:

  • Nurture the sales leads that matter. This software will enhance your sales reps’ ability to quickly identify and nurture leads worth nurturing.
  • Optimize sales meetings with routing. Advanced mapping software offers route optimization features that allow your sales reps to efficiently plan their trips.
  • Create visually-appealing maps for presentations and reporting. Such software also lets you generate animated maps based on company data for presentation purposes.

It Benefits Your Sales Management Team

Sales management departments will gain a new focus in their sales strategies based on visual information under a map. This opens new perspectives and opportunities:

  • Divide large sales territories into more feasible segments. Seeing the big picture of your sales territory does bear its advantages, but breaking it down into more granular areas will help your sales teams better navigate and understand their prospects and targets.
  • Territory assignment to sales reps. Tools using such intelligence enable you to quickly assign and manage territories to your sales reps. This will generate balanced workloads, bigger win potential, improved results, and on your sales reps’ end, satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Build territories from predefined data. Territory management tools based on geo-mapping allow you to build sales territories from information such as ZIP codes, counties, provinces, states, and countries.

How To Prep Your Data for Geo Mapping

Like in other instances when dealing with data, this is the most critical step. Data accuracy is mandatory to generate accurate maps. And in the case of geolocation data, datasets are incorrect. For example, it is relatively common for location data (coordinates) to be truncated or rounded up if you open CSV files in Excel documents. In other cases, people tend to swap latitude and longitude, resulting in broken-up code.

One of the most efficient ways to correct such errors is to map your data and see if it generates the expected coordinates. But sometimes, this, too, can be challenging because the data looks normal. So, having a team of experts with a history of working with geolocation data will ensure proper data sets that generate accurate mappings.

How Does SugarCRM Use Geo Mapping?

SugarCRM’s mapping integration uses geocoding to generate accurate maps within your CRM. The Sugar Maps Geocoder is responsible for geocoding the records in your database. It offers multiple functionalities that enable sales reps to better plan and manage their workload. You can view any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities, or any other Sugar module plotted on a map. You can quickly see what accounts or leads are closest to each other, plan the results on a map, or generate directions for a visit. The maps we generate are content-rich and incorporate details from your Sugar records directly on the maps, such as:

  • Mapping current CRM records
  • Directions
  • Searching records by distance from a specific postal code
  • Mapping out filtered records
  • Generating driving directions
  • Showing closest records
  • Filtering records based on drawing polygons
  • Manually geocoding records

Interested in learning more about how you can create a harmonious and collaborative marketing and sales environment? Download our guide, “Sales + Marketing: Better Together”.

Or, if you want to learn more about Sugar’s mapping ability? Get in touch with us!


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