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Tony K Silver – Get Better Results on LinkedIn

In this Sales Toolkit, Tony K. Silver shares his insights on how to get better results on LinkedIn.

Tony explains that to achieve success on LinkedIn, it’s not enough to simply have a profile and post content. Rather, you need to have a strategic approach that maximizes the platform’s potential and helps you achieve your goals.

Tony provides a range of practical tips and strategies for improving your LinkedIn presence and getting better results. He emphasizes the importance of creating a strong personal brand that resonates with your target audience, optimizing your profile and content for visibility and engagement, and engaging with others in a strategic and authentic way.

Key Takeaways from Tony K Silver:

  • How to get your Top card set up to engage your ideal client.
  • How to optimise your profile to get high up in the search engine.
  • Some things you need to do to get your posts in front of more potential customers.

About Tony:

Creator of the LinkedIn Profile Audit (LIPA) that generates qualified targeted leads, builds new relationships and generates more sales, and author of two LinkedIn books, Tony K Silver, is a LinkedIn profile expert and the driving force and the person who heads the delivery of the key services.

Tony is the go-to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm and has become the LinkedIn profiler, often being ranked in the top 5 by the platform in its search criteria. With all his knowledge and years of experience, Tony is able to deliver successful results for his clients on a regular basis, he helps them use LinkedIn as a tool to achieve their desired outcomes.

He works with individuals as well as teams and can work on a 1-2-1 basis or run Masterclasses. He speaks at conferences and industry events, as well as company events and Expos. Because of his expertise, he is also sought out to be a podcast and webinar guest.

As the Recommendations on his LinkedIn profile can attest, he has had a high level of demonstrable success since he started the business and drives the company on to help more businesses get what they need from the platform. He has over 250 recommendations and adds to this with at least 2 or 3 per month.

If you want your audience to be taken from confusion to clarity and onto certainty on LinkedIn, Tony is the person who can do this for you.

Tony K Silver – LinkedIn Speaker & Trainer


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