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Kyle Murtagh – Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

In this Sales Toolkit, Kyle shares his insights on the rivalry between two tech giants, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Kyle provides a detailed account of the history and evolution of Microsoft and Apple, the two companies founded by Gates and Jobs, respectively. He discusses their different management styles, business strategies, and product innovations, and how they shaped the technology industry as we know it today.

Kyle examines the factors that contributed to the success and failure of both companies, including their approaches to innovation, marketing, and competition. He also explores the personal and professional dynamics between Gates and Jobs, and how their rivalry influenced the trajectory of their companies and the industry as a whole.

Furthermore, he highlights the lessons that can be learned from the rivalry between Gates and Jobs, including the importance of strategic thinking, innovation, and collaboration in building successful companies. He also discusses the role of leadership and vision in shaping the future of the technology industry.

Key Take-Aways from Kyle Murtagh:

  • Avoid looking bored and anxious while speaking.    
  • Look engaging and confident while speaking 
  • Make the audience warm to you while speaking. 

About Kyle:

In short, Kyle Murtagh is Scotland’s most exciting public speaker.

In 2018, he founded ‘Confidence by Design’, an industry-leading presentation skills company that has helped people from all walks of life to transform their public speaking abilities – from global corporations to ambitious entrepreneurs.

His passion, hard work and talent have also led him to win multiple public speaking accolades, including becoming a European Champion in 2021. Not only that, but Kyle is now a successful author! His debut title ‘‘The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking’ has received 5-star reviews from readers across the globe, who have discovered how to unlock their public speaking potential to achieve tangible results.

But this is only the beginning.

His next goal? To become the World Champion of Public Speaking. But most importantly, he wants to continue inspiring people like you to develop your public speaking confidence and to own your presentations like never before.

Kyle Murtagh – Presentation Skills Trainer | Public Speaking Coach | Speaking to Camera Expert | Author

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