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NSC 2023 – The Countdown Is On!

With the National Sales Conference 2023 fast approaching, The Growth Hub caught up with one of the event’s previous delegates to find out why they attend, and what they are looking forward to for this year. Chris Capon is Distribution Director at Westfield Health and has been attending NSC for over ten years.

How many years have you and your team been attending NSC Chris? 

‘Personally, I have been attending for around ten years, or so. Over the years, this has been a mixture of as an individual and bringing various teams along. This year is the first year I am bringing my current leadership team and four of our top-performing consultants.’    

How many of your team do you usually take to NSC and what range of job functions do they have? 

‘When I attend with my teams, it tends to be around 8-10 people. The roles have mainly been sales leadership roles, but as functions become more intertwined, more co-dependent and collaborative, I am attending with the addition of my Sales Support (admin) and BI team leaders and four of our top-performing sellers.’     

What are the key reasons you and your team attend? 

‘Personally, in such a dynamic profession, I attend to stay current and relevant. I encourage and support my teams to attend for the same reason.’  

Who are you most excited to see speak at this year’s conference? 

‘That is a tough call, I have experience of so many of the speakers and know the quality they bring, but standouts for me are Paul McGee, Steve Head & Jim Steele. Please don’t make me choose “my favourite child”!’

And lastly, can you sum up your NSC experience in just five words? 

‘Relevant, Invigorating, Informative, Challenges, Developmental.’

NSC 2023 takes place on 23 November 2023 in Birmingham. For further information and to book tickets head to NSConference.co.uk

Chris Capon – Distribution Director – UK at Westfield Health


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