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Christmas Gifting – The Essential Guide for Employers

As the cost of living in the UK escalates, employees naturally welcome gifts and incentives from their employers; more so than ever before, and with the Christmas season edging ever closer, many employers are looking at how best to say thank you to their teams at this time of year.

Leading global branded payment technology specialist, Blackhawk Network (BHN) has recently released The Employer’s Guide to Employees Christmas Gifts to help businesses make the best decisions for their teams.

According to BHN’s 2023 Holiday Branded Pay Study, year-end gifts make 81% of employees feel valued and boost productivity in 50% of companies.

With this in mind, it created the guide to offer detailed advice to businesses on why they should give employees gifts, what type of gifts employees want and how to implement a reward and incentive programme in time for Christmas. 

The survey also found that traditional gifts such as office supplies and a bottle of wine, no longer hit the spot for employees, emphasising that if employers can get it right, festive gifts can make a huge difference to motivation, productivity and loyalty from their staff. This can also therefore lead to additional benefits for employers including increased staff retention and an increase in profits.

To find out how your business can make the right decisions this festive season, download the guide from BHN, CLICK HERE.


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