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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Simon Day – 5 Top Tips for a Better Speaking Voice

Find yourself becoming nervous and appearing uncertain in your presentations? In this video, Simon Day will share 5 top coaching tips so you can use your voice to grab your audience’s attention, hold it and leave them wanting to act on your message.

Key Takeaways from Simon:

  • Learn how to project a confident, authoritative speaking voice;
  • Discover an appropriate speaking speed in presentations;
  • Learn how to vary your voice and keep your audience engaged.

About Simon Day:

After years of suffering with speaking anxiety, Simon Day was left with two choices: spend his whole life hiding in the shadows and risk losing everything, or find his voice. 

Through a painful yet empowering journey of discovery, Simon has gone from terrified teenager to UK award-winning speaker and executive presentation coach. After a twelve-year career in education, he founded Kingfishers Consulting to support senior leaders and teams in unlocking the power of more effective communication. He now provides public speaking training, presentation coaching and keynote speeches at conferences. 

Website: ⁠https://www.kingfishersconsulting.com

Simon Day – Executive Presentation Coach, Trainer & Speaker


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