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What Marketing Tactics Can You Learn to Get More Sales?

If you think marketing skills are wasted on you, think again. A switch in thinking is in need. That’s because learning some skills typically associated with marketing can bolster the tools you have at your disposal when it comes to selling. Benefits will include adding value to the business, communicating better, closing deals faster and building better relationships with prospects.

Here are the marketing tactics you should learn to be more successful.

Mastering Copywriting

While verbal communication remains a strength for many salespeople, the digital era demands impeccable writing skills. Whether it’s curating online content, weaving engaging stories, or drafting persuasive emails, the essence lies in delivering concise and compelling messages. If you feel your writing isn’t making the cut, now’s the time for a refresher.

Dive into Digital Engagement

Gone are the days when social media was solely a marketer’s realm. Online communities and platforms are treasure troves for lead generation.

By actively participating in industry-specific groups and channels, you not only foster prospect relationships but also stay updated with industry trends.

The goal? Position yourself as a trusted industry advisor, distinguishing you from the competition. And here’s a pro-tip: Video content is king. Tools like Vidyard and Wistia simplify the process. Address common challenges faced by your prospects and spark meaningful discussions.

Become a Data Enthusiast

If you’ve been side lining analytics, it’s time for a change. Embracing data-driven insights can revolutionize your sales approach. By understanding metrics, you can pinpoint responsive job titles, identify lucrative industries, gauge average deal sizes, and much more.

This data-driven approach not only optimizes your efforts but also boosts productivity. Remember, in the modern business world, data is as precious as gold. Harness it to elevate your sales game.

Personalization at Scale

With the advent of AI and machine learning, personalizing interactions has never been easier. These brand-new tools now being integrated into existing platforms like Seismic allow salespeople to tailor their messages based on a prospect’s behaviour, ensuring that every communication feels personal and relevant.

Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

Integrating chatbots on your website or sales platform can engage visitors in real-time. These AI-driven assistants can answer queries, schedule meetings, and even qualify leads, ensuring that you’re only spending time on the most promising prospects.


Incorporating these modern tactics into your sales strategy can provide a significant edge in today’s competitive market. Remember, it’s all about understanding your prospects deeply and leveraging the right tools to meet their needs effectively.


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