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    Extensive practical experience of working with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies has revealed that when 3 keys are in place, key account management success will be

    This webinar will give you an opportunity to understand and explore these 3 keys

    …and the 3 key
    account management success capabilities that underpin them so that you can see how you and your
    organisation measure up.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How to unlock your KAM potential by utilising 3 key success drivers.
    • How to know if you are “working at the right level” of key account management (an
      understanding of this can also inform recruitment decisions).
    • The foundational mind-sets that a good key account manager has.
    • The one capability that is responsible for 80% of KAM success.
    • How “split screen thinking” underpins KAM success.
    • The common mistake that will have your key account managers leaving your company to join
      your competition.




    In the world of B2B sales, the disease affecting revenue teams everywhere is their addiction to feature dumping.

    Unknowingly, it’s secretly costing them credibility, trust and their ability to unsell the status quo. To reduce buyer uncertainty, collapse time in your sales cycle and increase deal size, your team must learn how to embed, craft and deliver a 90-second customer story that inspires change.

    When harnessed correctly inside of the buyer’s journey, this will help your sellers de-risk a purchasing decision, accelerate trust and transform themselves into a trusted guide, without leading with a feature-rich case study.

    In this insightful masterclass led by Ravi Rajani, you will explore the impact of storytelling in professional settings, particularly in sales and leadership roles.

    Ravi highlights the common barriers that individuals face, such as fear of judgment and lack of a structured process, which hinder their ability to effectively communicate and persuade.

    Through interactive discussions and personal anecdotes, Ravi delves into the transformative power of well-crafted stories in overcoming these obstacles, connecting with audiences, and enhancing presentation skills.


    In this masterclass replay, Jamie Peacock MBE, a legendary rugby league player turned motivational speaker and wellness instructor, delves into the psychological and strategic facets of achieving excellence, both individually and as part of a team.

    Drawing from his illustrious career and subsequent work with corporations and sports teams, Peacock outlines a comprehensive framework for personal development, leadership, and team dynamics.

    He emphasises the critical importance of mental toughness, self-discipline, positive influences, and the power of commitment.

    Through personal anecdotes, including overcoming self-doubt and fostering resilience, Jamie illustrates how these principles can be applied beyond the rugby field to enhance performance in any professional setting.

    His message is clear: success is a product of continuous self-improvement, effective leadership, and a cohesive team effort, underscored by a commitment to one’s goals and values.


    Re-experience the synergy of excellence and collaboration with the High-Performance Round Table playback. Hosted by the renowned Rory Underwood MBE, this round table features a riveting discussion with Ciara Flaherty and Simon Fletcher, two preeminent figures in the sales industry. Delve into the essence of team dynamics and their critical impact on the modern business world. This masterclass will equip you with profound insights on leveraging effective teamwork to drive organizational success, inspired by Underwood’s integration of Crew Resources Management (CRM) in high-pressure environments.


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